Our specialty is new development, hence, room addition is part of what makes our core competencies. Los Angeles has many areas that requires strict adherence by several authorities or committees. Our experience dealing with the various municipalities, or area council will help facilitate your project with assurance for compliance with the strictest directives. Room addition, be it a second story, master-bedroom or bath luxury living room, or expansion of your patio - we can help!.

Los Angeles General Contracting

Why?, This is a best alternative vs. buying new. With the creeping home prices and market that seems so high, the thoughts of buying a bigger home quickly subside. Adding a room makes financial sense. Weather be it a master bedroom and or master bath to turn your home comfier for you, or additional room for guests or newly member of the family. Weather a 1st story addition to sport a new kitchen or a second story towering the area and providing a little view. Room addition can be just small extension to current room. Whichever it is, for room addition, contact us today.


The planning stage is one of the most important steps of development. The more time we invest in planning, the chance for any future issues will demise. Our consultation is always free, give us the chance, we guarantee your positive experience.

Project Process

While in project process, we ensure our team of trade professionals conduct their work with outmost respect to what is important to you, your family, and your neighbors while keeping a clean, sharp and friendly atmosphere. We've serviced many celebrities’ homes and adhered to their confidential needs.

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